Dawn's Vale


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About Me

This is the page about me, but I'm trying not to make it too long.

My name is Corie Henneberg, but I like the name Dawn. I am working toward having an approved Queen's Own persona, which I named Herald Dawn Earthsong. I currently live in Reno, Nevada, and I have lived here for all of my fifteen years. I have a twin sister named Linda, and a younger sister named Beth. I am a sophomore in high school this year. I have some really close friends, of which my sister is one, the others are Lauren Shumaker, Katie Preston, Elena Mailander, Alex Chuan, Sue Chung, Schinthia Islam, Rachel Kaiser, Katie Wells, Mallory Scott, Ben Ralph, Nate Schmitz, and my boyfriend, David Rocovits. I had to mention them because they are so suppotive. Anyway, I really like playing video games, and reading, not necessarily in that order. I also love msn messenger and aol messenger. My favorite food is pizza, and my favorite soda is Mountain Dew. My birthday is September 16. I would like to thank Lauren Shumaker for giving me my first Misty books over a year ago. Thank you, Lauren! I especially like reading Misty's books, so that's why I decided to do a site about her books. Enjoy my site!

p.s. I know I look bad in the picture, but it was the only one I could find