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Here's some lists that I think are pretty funny

You Know You've Been Reading too much Mercedes Lackey When.

1. You walk by a white horse and spend the next 15 minutes trying to get it to talk to you.

2. You tell people reflexively to call you by your Herald name, and answer to it more readily than your mundane name.

3. You're checking out a cute guy when all of a sudden you realize he looks a lot like Van. You then abruptly lose interest, because, after all, Van is/was shaych.

Unless of course you're a guy...

4. Your best friend says, "I'm only happy when I'm with him/her, even if it's just as a friend. I want to spend the rest of my life with him/her" your first reaction is, as Medren says: "That's the classic reaction of a lifebond!"

5. You carry feathers around in your purse.

6. You talk to yourself, then explain it isn't you, it's your horse you're talking to.

7. You think angry thoughts at someone.

8. You start a 3 week old conversation from scratch just because it came to mind.

9. You continue the conversation, because you just thought the same thing.

10. You and your lunch buddies discuss who they would rather date, Kris or Vanyel.

11. You use Tayledras or Shin'a'in words in normal conversation and people looks at you wondering what you are talking about. Or else you have to consciously refrain from saying them when they are the first thing that comes to mind.

12. You get hurt and ask for a Healer instead of a doctor.

13. The weatherman says it's going to be misty tonight and you go out and look for her.

14. Every action is preceeded by the thought, "What would Misty think is she saw me doing this."

15. One black dog, one white cat; both named Skandranon.

16. You keep trying to MindSpeak people, thinking that if Misty says so, it must be true.

17. You say,"If nothing but raw meat is good enough for gryphons, then it's good enough for me and me family."

18. You never, ever clean up the house. When people ask, you say, "Our little friends the hertasi will do it for us."

19. You establish a Vale in your backyard, fill it with tropical plants, then wonder why they're all dead by mid-December.

20. There's a huge platform in your backyard, and there's always a dead antelope on it. When queried, you always say,

"That's mah gryphon feeder."

21. Whenever someone asks you a question, you start looking for a page reference.

22. You're watching TV late at night and catching yourself thinking that the Lone Ranger has a nice Companion.

23. You catch yourself looking for colored ribbon-knots on the shoulders of the street musicians.

24. You hear someone being derided as a "lackey" and take 5 minutes to figure out it was meant as an insult.

25. You're dealing with new users, and start telling yourself, "Ground boy, ground and center."

26. You seriously consider buying one of those funky Companion models they sell in Firebird catalogs.

27. You look at your CD collection and realize that most of your favorite stuff is Misty related.

28. You look at your bookshelf and find that Misty has taken over an entire shelf, doublestacked, and finally surpassed Anne McCaffrey.

29. You desperately wish that Misty would come out with a series of a Valdemar related computer games, like Ray Feist did with his Universe.

30. You think this whole list was stupid, because there is no such thing as too much Misty. You then go immediately to your shrine to her and pray that she will forgive these blasphemous fools.

I think it's kinda funny, but a bunch of the things on these lists describe me

Yet another guide to when youve been reading too much Misty..

1. Youre so upset about Firesong having his heart broken that you want An'desha sacrificed for the good of the people.

2.You obsess FOR Vanyel..

"Wasn't a lifebond enough to live for? So, he lost his twin and was repudiated. Why didn't he think of his ashke? Why did he jump? Why? Why?! Why!

3.You try to convert all your friends:

You: "Please! Just one book! Just try one book and I'll never ask you again!"

Valdemar illiterate friend: "Fine! Just leave me alone!"

4. You realize with a start that nobody in your town even knows what a Companion is!

5. The freaks at school start calling YOU a freak!

6. You are so desparate to talk to someone that has heard of Valdemar that you frantically write or e-mail random someones/everyones you find in Q.O. or related 'zines.

7. You've officially changed your name to that of your persona's...

"I'm sorry. Melissa doesn't live here now. She had a freak accident with a train. But my name is Kaleisra and...."

8. For your Mythology mid-term you are comparing Valdemar to other Mythologies:

"....And in conclusion they are similar in many ways. Vanyel is the equivelent of the Greek Hercules, 'cept much, MUCH better. We can think of Companions as messengers of Loki, the Norse mischief god...."

9. Your bedroom looks remarkably like an ekele.

10. In your closet you have:

Woking whites, fighting whites, ceremony whites, party whites, riding whites, Tayledras whites, Tayledras mage robes, Tayledras scout clothes, Kal'enedral blacks, bard scarlets, a sword that resembles Need, Vademar daggers, Tayledras jewelry......

11. Your sea monkeys bear the names:

Vanyel, Tylendel, Stefen, Hadanelith, Skandranon, Gwena, Yfandes, Gala, Skif, Elspeth, Seleney, Talia, Kethry, Kessira, Tarma, Withen, Urthro, Amberdrake, and those two black guppies that the other fish try to eat are Ma'ar and Ancar.

Oh, no! We forgot Kerowyn!

12.Your chess pieces are miniature characters:

"Vanyel to Elspeth four."

(That would be knight to queen's fourth pawn)

13. You drag yourself to school, half awake, becouse you couldn't get to sleep the night before until you'd RE-read the Last Herald-Mage trilogy.