Dawn's Vale


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The Places


These are all the places where the books take place

The main place is the country of Valdemar, bordered on the east by Hardorn, northeast by Iftel, north by the Forest of Sorrows and the Ice Wall Mountains, west by the Pelagir Hills and Lake Evendim, southwest by Rethwellan, and southeast by Karse. Past Hardorn and Iftel there is the Eastern Empire, which is very large and takes up the entire eastern coastline. Between Rethwellan and Karse there is Menmellith, a client-state of Rethwellan. To the south of Rethwellan there is Jkatha, and to the east of Jkatha is Ruvan. South of Ruvan is Ceejay, and west of Ceejay and south of Jkatha is the Dhorisha Plains, where the nomadic Clans of the Shin'a'in live. West of Rethwellan, Jkatha, and the Dhorisha Plains are the Pelagir Hills and the Pelagiris Forest. In the Pelagiris Forest are the five Tayledras Clans of k'Treva, k'Sheyna, k'Vala, k'Chona, and k'Vaia. Far southwest of the Pelagiris Forest is the ocean cliff settlement of White Gryphon, and southeast of this is the gigantic Haighlei Empire, which extends over two continents.